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Delhi Police enhances security to curb crime

Delhi Police enhances security to curb crime

New Delhi: Delhi Police have taken special measures to control street crimes in the city. They have also intensified their foot and motorcycle patrolling on the routes leading to temples and Ramleelas. According to police, they have enhanced visibility by the mobilizing of optimal staff.

The officers have identified the stretches which require rearrangement of deployment.

"Integrated checking pickets by local police, traffic and PCR were set up. Suspects were questioned during Roko-Toko drive," police said.

Adding further, police said that maximum visibility of force was ensured and Praharis and Police Mitras, who act as force multipliers were also properly sensitized.

Around 4500 police personnel bolstered with 907 patrol motorcycles have been deployed to enhance police visibility during late evening hours.

Likewise, 317 pickets have been strategically set up to check the movements of criminals.

"Special security arrangements at venues of Ramleela and Durga Puja have been made in consultation with the organizers. Senior formations are supervising on ground preparations," police said. DFMDs, HHMDs have been installed at strategic points to frisk the visitors.

"Machaans have been set up at vantage points with the deployment of Commandos. Ramleela/Durga Puja pandals are under CCTV watch, which are being monitored round the clock.

Raftaar bikes, PCR vans, QRTs, Prakhar vehicles have been deployed to work in tandem with local police," said Delhi Police press statement.

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