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Delhi Police begins probe into alleged BitCoin fraud

New Delhi: Delhi Police have started an investigation into a fake cryptocurrency website case, which had duped people on the pretext of increasing their money within few months.
Police sources said that several complaints were filed at different police stations in Delhi, including the Crime Branch.
They told Millennium Post that in most of these complaints, fraudsters first built a fake website and duped people by promising them good returns if they buy BitCoin.
"One complainant claimed that they got good returns from the fraudsters in their account. They thought that it was a good investment and the complainant told their relatives and friends about the scheme, who also invested in BitCoin," said a police source.
Sources further said that after a few months, when the accused received a heavy amount of money, they stopped sending the returns.
"They made a fake website in which they created an identity of the investors to gain their trust. Whenever the complainant opened the website, he wanted to know the rate of BitCoin in the market. When they stopped getting their returns, they started checking their website and it was not opening because it was fake," said the source.
According to a senior police officer, to sell the BitCoin, the accused had created a fake multi-level company, which did not have an office.
They also hired people who had working background with mutual investment companies, so that they can sell the BitCoin to other customers.
"The staff of the fraud company started to sell BitCoin through word-of-mouth marketing. Investigation has started in the case," said the officer.
Sources added they are probing whether the accused are living in a different country. "It is impossible to know which BitCoins belong to whom," said sources.
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