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Delhi Police allocation up

Delhi Police allocation up

New Delhi: The Delhi Police have been allocated Rs 7,881.77 crore in the Union Budget for the next fiscal, an increase of more than Rs 550 crore from the last year's Budget of Rs 7,426.98 crore. The major focus was given on the development of road safety cell and development of traffic communication network.

According to Delhi Police data, the revenue section which consists of the administrative section, road safety cell and development of traffic and communication network allocated Rs 7,334.28 crore last year it was Rs 6,791.60. "There is an additional allocation of Rs 542.68 crore for revenue section," added the data. The Budget will help in the development of traffic and communication network in the Capital, upgradation or expansion of communication infrastructure, upgradation of training, induction of latest technology.

Whereas for Capital section which includes motor vehicles, machinery & equipment, signals & blinkers, capacity building and Intelligent Traffic Management System as many as Rs 162.63 crore allocated an increase of Rs 7.95 crore. Last year it was Rs 154.68 crore in which Rs 76.68 crore given to machinery and equipment and Rs 65.50 crore for motor vehicles.

For the infrastructure which includes office, residential buildings and public-private partnership Rs 384.86 crore allocated there was no additional allocation comparing last year as in 2018-19, around Rs 460.95 crore allocated for infrastructure. "Allocation under infrastructure is as per the demand of Delhi Police," said an officer.

Delhi Police also set to launch various schemes which include, implementation of 112, that will be India's equivalent to 911 of the US' all-in-one emergency services, etc. The city police also planning to install a 3D radar-based Red Light Violation Detection Camera (RLVD) system at 24 junctions across the city to monitor people jumping the red light.

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