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Delhi Police adopts different methods to redress complaints of citizens

New Delhi: In the police stations of Delhi, the grievances of complainants were redressed in different manners. Apart from filing FIR, the city police also referred the complaints to other agencies or with proper counselling, cases were compromised between two parties.

Police sources told Millennium Post that (till March) more than 7,000 FIRs were registered. As many as 4,351 lost reports were lodged and copies were given to the complainants. More than 1,140 cases were referred to other agencies.

"As many as 15,461 cases were compromised after city police properly counselled two parties involved in the case to resolve the matter at initial stage. After mutual understanding, these cases were compromised," said sources. While other actions were taken in 5,619 cases.

Earlier, Millennium Post already reported that more than 45,000 complainants with their grievances visited city police stations till March this year.

Sources further told that there were 39,800 complaints which were related to different natures including sexual assault, robbery, kidnapping, hurt, theft, quarrel, cheating, forgery and others came.

In a recent meeting, the Police Commissioner reviewed the status regarding handling of complaints at police stations and prompt registration of cases.

Sources further added that 31,891 complainants were referred to police officers by Public Facilitation Officers.

According to Delhi Police, they have taken a conscious decision to ensure fair and truthful registration of crime and it has helped in devising proper strategies to tackle crime in the city. Along with modern investigative techniques, traditional beat-level inputs played a major role and also in its prevention and detection in organizing resources as per ground in ensuring better service delivery to the citizens.

Recently, in a meeting to review the redressal of grievances received through Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS), which was chaired by Chairman, Public Grievances Commission, it was also told that officials should listen to the public and their grievances and not let them wait for so long.

Sources further said that more often than not, the grievances are not being heard properly by the police officers, Investigating officers enquiring into the matter or not allowed to meet the SHO and supervisory officers.

"One patient hearing to the complainant at the initial stage strengthen the trust of the public in the police," Deputy Secretary said in the meeting.

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