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Delhi govt to light up 'dark spots': CM

Delhi govt to light up dark spots: CM

New Delhi: In order to ensure women safety across the Capital, Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, announced the launch of "Mukhyamantri Street Light Yojna" scheme, where 2.1 lakh street lights will be installed to rid the city of dark spots, starting from November 1. A one-time investment of Rs 100 crore and Rs 10 crore maintenance annually will be paid by the state government.

Taking women safety seriously, Kejriwal said, "We are very concerned about the safety of women hence we started installing CCTV cameras at several locations. While we were handling the nitty-gritty of planting poles for CCTV cameras with the co-operation of the local people that it dawned on us to install light bulbs at dark spots in the city." The CM went on to explain exactly how the AAP government will implement the "Mukhyamantri Street Light Yojna" which is to follow the CCTV installation method.

He said, "Local MLAs will identify 'dark spots' in their respective areas and speak to house owners, take their signature on consent letters, and then notify the officials who will look into the technicalities of installing 20-40 watt LED bulbs at the selected house. House owners can also approach their local MLAs. We found that people are eager to install lights around their houses as it keeps them safe."

Perceiving that people may have apprehensions to the LED bulbs and the monthly increase in electricity bills if connected to their household, the CM assured, "The cost for the electricity consumption for these bulbs will be covered by the state government. In a day or two we will have the estimate for the electricity consumption of a single LED bulb and deduct the specific unit from the monthly bill of the household that gives the consent letter."

These bulbs will be installed in unauthorised and cluttered colonies, and parts of Old Delhi that is highly congested and other parts of Delhi in commercial and residential areas. The intensity of these bulbs will depend on the pre-existing natural light and the surface area needed to illuminate. These lights will have sensor or timer installed in them so when the sun sets the bulbs will switch on on its own and when it is sunrise it will switch off on its own, he said.

CM Kejriwal added that the entire process has been given to the three power distribution companies who will install and maintain it. Each power distribution company will install 70,000 LED bulbs starting from November 1.

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