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Delhi govt to form Water Management Committee

NEW DELHI: In an attempt to curb water wastage, the Delhi Water department will form a Water Management Committee, comprising of citizens, NGOs and social workers, which will report ground level issues to Delhi Water Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam.
The minister is reviewing the existing water policy and working to formulate a new one. The key focus of the new water policy will be controlling wastage of water.
After visiting various water treatment plants and areas which have a high demand for water, the minister realised that ground level information about the crisis does not get reported properly. The Water Management Committee will work to resolve this.
The committee will be headed by the minister and senior officials of Delhi Jal Board will be present. The committee will work as an autonomous body, but report to the Delhi government. NGOs working at ground level will find out the area-wise problems and discuss with citizens. Citizens will also report various problems to the committee.
The team will monitor the new water policy, which includes points like mandatory rain water harvesting plants and mandatory sewerage system among others.
The new committee will have representatives from every area of Delhi. Apart from reporting on water-related issues, the representatives will also focus on spreading awareness on curbing wastage of water.
There will be various campaigns where representatives will meet public and sensitise them about how they can efficiently utilise water to check the shortage.
The Delhi government, along with the DJB, is working on the formation of this team. The department is likely to launch this committee at the end of this month.

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