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Delhi govt to discuss implementation of Swaminathan report with Centre

Delhi govt to discuss implementation of Swaminathan report with Centre

NEW DELHI: Delhi government's development minister Gopal Rai on Wednesday said that he would meet the Agricultural Minister of India soon to discuss the implementation of Swaminathan Commission's recommendations for the Delhi farmers. "It would be a historic step and I want this model should be followed in all other states. I want Centre's support on the matter hence would meet the minister concerned," said Rai.

He also said that many farmers from the neighbourhood states came to meet him to discuss the implementation of the Swaminathan Commission's report. The Delhi government organised a meeting to devise a mechanism to implement the minimum support price on the recommendations of the Swaminathan Committee Report. The conference explored a mechanism to calculate and implement a separate minimum support price (MSP) for farmers in Delhi based a reasonably weighted cost of production.

Higher wages, input costs, transport charges and cost of other allied services peculiar to Delhi will be factored, while determining the MSP, Rai said. The proposed MSP with 50 per cent margin at the cost of production is Rs 2,616 per quintal for wheat and Rs 2,667 per quintal for paddy.

It is likely to incur an additional liability of Rs 96.38 crore, if implemented, Rai told reporters after an Agriculture Conference on implementing the recommendations of the "MS Swaminathan Committee Report on Farmers' Welfare" in Delhi. "Around 20,000 kisan families in Delhi will be benefitted from this scheme," he said.

Further consultations will be done through Kisan Jansunwai, suggestions from the general public and a committee comprising of various stakeholders.

Earlier on Monday, Rai said neither the Modi government nor the previous Congress-led UPA regime implemented the Commission's report.

"Government has decided to introduce MSP for Delhi's farmers based on the Swaminathan Commission's report. We formed a three-member committee in December to study the report. The committee has submitted its own report on the MSP for Delhi's farmers. We will hold a conference on this issue on Thursday. The three-member committee's report will be put before experts for suggestions," Rai said. He said that once the MSP is finalised, the government will hold meetings with farmers, seeking their views and thereafter it will be sent to the Cabinet.

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