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Delhi govt releases health advisory for residents

NEW DELHI: Keeping in mind the current pollution situation, the Health department of Delhi government on Monday came out with a health advisory for citizens and sought public action to preserve the environment.
The advisory asks citizens to "not burn dry leaves, crop residue, wood, coal, gobar upla etc," and "plant more trees to make your city green", as trees like "neem, sheesham, keekar, gulmohar etc make the air clean and healthy".
It further urged residents to use carpooling and public transport, as much as possible. "Walk or use non-polluting mode of transport for short distances," it added.
"Avoid going outdoors during early morning and late evening for walk or outdoor physical activity, as pollution levels are maximum during this time. Avoid going to high pollution areas during peak hours. Stay indoors as much as possible," it noted.
It asked schools to avoid outdoor assembly, sports activities and other physical activities early in the morning.
"Take extra precautions for high risk group like small children, elderly, pregnant women, patients with asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases), patients of heart disease and stroke, diabetics, persons with low immunity. N95 mask may be used while going outdoors during peak pollution hours," the advisory reads.
The advisory also discussed common sources for air pollution in Delhi, including burning of agricultural residue in neighbouring states, motor vehicles emissions, industrial pollution, construction activities and road side dust.
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