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Delhi govt may bring 30 luxury tourist buses for tour of historical monuments

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government is planning to bring 30 luxury buses for the tourists to visit the historical monuments of the city, said sources in the government. The officials of the Delhi Tourism and Transport Corporation observed that the declining ridership and service of Ho-Ho buses should be revived as Delhi is the Capital and every day huge number of tourists come to the city to visit the historical monuments. "The service of Ho-Ho is not doing well in the city and we want to rope in luxury AC buses for which will take the tourists to different historical monuments of the city. Currently, we have suggested for 30 such luxury buses and the government will look into the proposal," said an official with the request of anonymity.

From the past nearly 10 years Delhi has the Hop On-Hop Off (HO-HO) bus

service but the condition of these buses are not good and also there is a huge decline in the ridership of these buses. However, private travel agencies give such services at a higher cost than that of government services. The government Ho-Ho buses charges around Rs 500 as the cost of the whole tour package.

According to the sources through these luxury buses, the government will connect nearly 50 heritage monument in Delhi. "We will also include the places which heritage spots but lesser known to the tourists. There will be three different circuits to cover the Old Delhi, New Delhi and South Delhi monuments. People can choose anyone to start and then shift to the other circuits of their choice. There will be some intersection area to shift the circuits," said the official.

Tourists will be charged a single sum of money by which they can take any of these circuits and for the change they won't be charged any extra money. The tourists will also get ample amount of time to visit these monuments. "There will be availability of the guides too in these buses and before the bus reaches to a particular monument the tourists will get an audio or audio-video briefing about the history of that place," said the official.

According to the sources the proposal of the 30 AC buses is now with the government and after the sanction from the government tender process will start. However, till the time the proposal is not sanctioned

and the tender is not floated there is no estimated deadline of the project.

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