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Delhi government to list all environment law violators

Delhi government to list all environment law violators

NEW DELHI: The environment department of the Delhi government to prepare a document where it would include the names of industries, units, projects sites and other places which have violated the environment norms. "We are preparing a report on all the violators and will submit it to the minister," said an official.

After the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) by the Supreme Court appointed EPCA came into play the Delhi government initiated various inspection where many projects were found to be violating the environment norms. "While the inspection whoever was found violating the norms has been penalised heavily and we ensured that all the projects run as per rule," said an official. He added that the government wants to observe that if the industries who fluted the rules could be serial offenders or not. "This year the implementation of the GRAP was good and the government ensured that all the norms being followed. We have also received the reports from the environment marshals," said the official.

The environment marshals were appointed by the government to look into the violations of the norms. This year the Central Pollution Control Board also opened social media to register complaints against the violators. "The CPCB also received various complaints and the Delhi Pollution Control Committee also received many we will also look into such complaints," said the official.

Recently the National Green Tribunal (NGT) raised the issue of industries flouting the environmental laws in Delhi. The Delhi government assured that all such industries would be shut or needed action would be taken. "There are some industries which are violating the laws. We have received the instructions from the NGT and the department is already working on them. The government is very serious about environmental issues and we are working on every recommendation suggested by the experts," an official said.

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