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Delhi government launches phase-1 implementation of 'Connect Delhi' initiative

Delhi government launches phase-1 implementation   of Connect Delhi initiative

NEW DELHI: The Transport Department of Delhi government on Friday launched the Phase-1 implementation of the 'Connect Delhi' initiative covering Najafgarh area. Connect Delhi is an initiative to rationalise the bus and feeder services in Delhi with a vision that all mohallas and villages of Delhi are connected with a reliable public transport facility within 500m walking distance and at every 15 minutes. "Delhi has a substantial public transport infrastructure; however, the issues related to accessibility and availability still persists, owing to the fact that historically, transport in Delhi has always been disjointed. Many organisations are involved in managing the Delhi transport system which includes, but is not limited to, DTC, DMRC, Transport Department, Delhi Traffic Police, etc. Through Connect Delhi, the government intends to bring all these organisations together and develop an integrated route rationalisation plan for public transport in Delhi," said an official.

The public transport system in Delhi comprises of several different services which are metro, bus, RTV, auto rickshaw, e-rickshaw, Gramin Sewa, Eco-Cabs and various other feeder services. Rationalisation of bus routes and feeder services aims to improved accessibility, connectivity, and efficiency of the overall public transport system of the city. From this, the existing bus routes and feeder services routes are studied, and parallel services of the same route are identified in terms of trips and route length. Based upon the travel demand, passenger load and income efficiency of the route a rational shall be developed to create an integrated transport system.

"Delhi has highest road density of 21km/sq km in India yet a large part of its population is unable to access public transport services. Even today over 30 percent of its population travels by bus but this figure can be improved by providing good quality, reliable and accessible public transport. With this objective in mind a detailed study was carried out by Delhi government's consultant, DIMTS, to understand the existing conditions and issues of bus services in Delhi," an official said.

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