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Delhi family tests positive for COVID-19, blames it on guard

New Delhi: A security guard bore the brunt of suspicion of a high-class family in Defence Colony after testing positive for COVID-19. The family of three alleged that it was the security guard who might have passed on the infection to them as he brought the essential items for the family.

All three members of the family are at a private hospital after being diagnosed with Coronavirus on Saturday. They had visited the hospital with symptoms a day before.

On the basis of conversation with a fellow security guard it was suspected that the guard attended religious congregation at Nizamuddin Markaz.

"Our preliminary enquiry indicates doubt towards their guard Mustaqim, who was quite close to the family and used to move in and out of the house frequently," said the police notice, adding that he used to run errands for other residents as well.

The notice cautioned residents to be alert and keep an eye on their daily helpers,

drivers and guards. "Despite taking best possible precautions, the family failed to

avoid the infection," the notice points out.

However, the possibility of the family contracting the disease from somewhere also couldn't be rules out. The guard, who stays in Okhla, went missing on Friday. He was later tracked down and quarantined. He has also been tested but the report is not out yet.

Filing an FIR has brought serious criticism as questions are being raised whether the cops acted in haste without confirming if the guard actually tested positive.

"They made the man to continue to work and bring them essentials and then instead of helping him they are accusing him for infecting them," said Saileena, who got to know the news on social media.

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