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Delhi Cabinet approves Centre's proposal for hike in MLAs' salary

New Delhi: The Delhi Cabinet in a meeting on Tuesday approved the salary hike for the MLAs as per the Centre's proposal, as per which the Capital's MLAs will now get a salary of Rs 30,000 per month.The state government had proposed a salary of Rs 54,000 for the MLAs at par with other states however, the MHA did not allow this to happen and restricted the salary to Rs 30,000 — opening another possible friction point between the two governments.

The proposal for a hike and allowances had been pending with MHA for the last 5 years. After several discussions, MHA decided to restrict the increase up to Rs 90,000 per month. Now, the salary plus allowances of the MLAs of Delhi has been restricted by the MHA to Rs 90,000.The increment in monthly allowances has come after a gap of ten years when the Kejriwal-led government requested the MHA that the MLAs' salaries and allowances be at par with MLAs of other states. The Delhi govt in a statement said that the Capital's MLAs will continue to be among the lowest-paid MLAs across the country. BJP and Congress-ruled states are currently paying 1.5 to 2 times higher salaries and allowances to MLAs, the statement further mentioned.

The salary of Delhi's MLAs hasn't increased since 2011 and the Delhi government had requested the MHA that the salary of Delhi's MLAs be at par with MLAs of other states, however, the MHA refused to do so, the Delhi government said.

In the neighbouring state of Uttarakhand, an MLA's salary is Rs 1.98 Lakh while in Himachal Pradesh it is 1.9 lakh and in Haryana it is 1.55L, and in Bihar, it is Rs 1.3 lakh. Congress-ruled Rajasthan gives Rs 1.42 lakh to its MLAs and the YSR Congress government in Telangana gives Rs 2.5 lakh. Several states also provide perks and allowances to their MLAs like, house rent allowance, office rent and staff expenses, allowance for buying office equipment, a vehicle for usage, driver allowance, which the Delhi government doesn't provide.

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