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Delhi BJP slams Congress and AAP over alliance talks

New Delhi: The Delhi unit of BJP slammed the Congress and AAP over their alliance talks which got momentum following a tweet by Congress president Rahul Gandhi. "Dear Rahul Gandhi ji have known u since college days. I know how proud u r of ur family lineage & 2day u r pleading for an alliance with a political thug like Arvind Kejriwal, who accuses ur family & Party of corruption. Has Congress become a Regional Party under ur Presidency?" tweeted Pratyush Kanth, the Delhi BJP media in-charge.

"Being a national party, Congress should take its steps with maturity. But the way party president is reacting on the internet, it appears that he has turned the party into a regional outfit. AAP started their policitical journey accusing Congress a party of corrupt people," he said.

In addition to Kanth's point about AAP accusing Congress of corruption, Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari also dug into the way the two parties have been conducting alliance talks. He said, "Now, they are saying that their only purpose is to dislodge BJP from power. Nothing can be a greater fraud than this."

Leader of Opposition, Vijender Gupta said that the Congress President Rahul Gandhi and AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal are behaving like school-going children over alliance with each other. "They are making allegations and counter-allegations not as political leaders but as if two children were fighting with each other on a public street. There is competition amongst both the parties to tell lies," he said.

He said AAP and Congress to forge alliance is not coming to an end for so long out of fear of BJP as both the parties are scared of BJP. The drama is dragging on with confusion getting worse by the day. "Both the parties are so scared of BJP that they do not know how to deal with the situation. Such drama of alliance between two political parties has never been seen in the political history of India."

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