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Few North Campus colleges shy away from reducing cut-off points

Learning from their previous experiences, the Delhi University's Khalsa College, Hindu and Hansraj College have played rather cautiously this year and while the colleges are still open to admissions, in few popular courses as per the third list, the cut-offs have only been reduced to few points from the previous lists.
Tis tactic has worked as they have managed to avoid over-admissions unlike last year.
According to the senior official at Hindu College, even if exceptionally high cut-offs didn't get them too many admissions, it helped them steer clear of over-admissions.
"Every year we end up taking in more students. So, this year we decided to use a different approach. We were clear that we would not reduce the cut-offs more than 0.50 per cent. Last year we faced a lot of problems when we dropped the english cut-off by one per cent. We got nearly 100 students at a go because of that. Thus, this time we were overcautious," said the official.
While Hansraj College has admissions open for popular courses such as english (H), economics (H) and history (H), Hindu College has kept admissions even open for the competitive BCom (H).
These two colleges are the only ones which have taken to this trend and succeeded.
"All other colleges faced over-admissions and shut admissions. Then they suffered during withdrawals. However, by not reducing cut-offs drastically we managed to admit students and not lose too many with withdrawals. There has been a balance this time," official added.
Hindu College also has admissions open for BA English (H) and Philosophy (H). Admissions to all of these courses are closed in other colleges. However, the cut-offs are extremely high even now. Economics (H) has a cut-off of 97 per cent in Hansraj College while BCom (H) has a cut-off of 97 in Hindu College.
"We just have few seats vacant for these courses so we can't drop the cut-offs as it will lead to over-admissions," informed official.
However, Caption Gurinder Singh, admission incharge at GTB Khalsa College said, "To release a high cut-off has been a strategic plan to curb the overcrowding in the college. We have limited seats and cannot manage excessive students as we do not have an infrastructure to accommodate overcrowd students."

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