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Alert constable's presence of mind helps save life of injured reporter

The prompt and speedy act of a Delhi Police Constable posted at Mandir Marg saved the life of a journalist after she met with a severe accident in New Delhi area.
Soon after witnessing the accident, the constable rushed the victim to the hospital without waiting for the ambulance or PCR to arrive.
The timely and swift action of the cop saved the journalist's life who received severe injuries on her head and was bleeding profusely.
It was in the afternoon when the accident took place at the Gol Market in New Delhi on Thursday while she was on a reporting assignment, is all that the victim remembers.
In order to avert a collision with a vendor who suddenly changed direction, Rashi Chowdhary's scooty skid on the road.
She suffered head injuries as her helmet fell apart.
As she started bleeding from the head, she lost her consciousness.
Soon, the spot attracted people who started shooting videos and clicking photos but none stepped ahead for help.
Then, as a savior, the beat constable posted at Mandir Marg came to her rescue.
"I saw people telling each other for help. I did not waste time and did not wait for the ambulance or PCR to arrive. These emergency vehicles would have taken another 5 to 7 minutes to respond so I rushed her to the hospital myself," said Rishi Raj.
After parking his bike in the Gol Market, Rishipal immediately put the bleeding journalist in an autorickshaw.
The auto raced the accident victim to the hospital before the ambulance or PCR Van could arrive.
Rashi was immediately admitted to RML hospital where she received seven stitches in her head.
The journalist is said to be stable now.

Zafar Abbas

Zafar Abbas

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