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Orderlies found napping at LBS Hospital

Orderlies found napping at LBS Hospital
Patients at Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital here complain of harassment at the hands of the staff, with the radiology department staff negligently conducting ultrasound and X-ray tests.
Despite being referred by doctors for X-rays and ultrasound at the premiere hospital, patients are forced to run from pillar to post for getting the necessary tests done, while the staff of this department virtually plays hide and seek with the patients.
The staff makes it a point to not be on their seats, forcing the referred patients wait for hours on end at the registration counter, with filled up forms in their hands.
"It is our third visit for the ultrasound but every time the radiology staff is not on the seat. We have raised the issue with senior officials, but no one is ready to take any action," said Rehana banu, a resident of Khichripur.
"When a patient known to them walks in, the staff makes an appearance and lets them walk directly into the ultrasound room; while those patients who have been waiting at the counter for hours are just ignored," she added.
Millennium Post witnessed the sorry state of affairs at the hospital on Tuesday, with many patients waiting at the registration counter for hours.
The acquaintances of the staff, however, waltzed in and were taken straight away for ultrasound, while the waiting patients' protests were brushed aside.
While patients wait for hours at the counter, there is no system in the hospital and no notice to guide them as to when the staff will be available at the department.
Many patients waited in front of the X-ray registration counter for the staff, who came only a few times and that too for a brief instant.
"In any kind of emergency, LBS Hospital is the only option. But the negligent behavior of hospital staff gives distress to every patient coming to the hospital," said a Nazam Saifi, a 61-year-old resident of Trilokpuri.
Another senior citizen said: "I have been waiting for my chance for two hours. Somehow, I registered myself for ultrasound around two hours ago. From that time, the staff has been unavailable. I am waiting for my chance. Now, suddenly two ladies came with their children and entered the ultrasound room."
While the authorities seem to be blinkered to the issue, the system is in need of an overhauled at the hospital, so that the intentions and policies of the government are actually implemented by the staff.


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