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The way GST is implemented , will be problematic for traders, increase inflation :Kejriwal

The way GST is implemented , will be problematic for traders, increase inflation :Kejriwal
Addressing the Volunteers on google hangout Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the way GST is being implemented it would be problamatic for traders and would increase inflation. Arvind Kejriwal sat along side deputy CM Maish Sisodia to address the Volunteers on Sunday evening.
Taking a jibe at GST Manish Sisodia said that there are 161 countries where GST is implemented but India is the first country where Real estate and Liquor is kept out of it. Sisodia raised questions why these two have been kept out of GST.
He said that is it because Politicians have their interest in Real estate and liquor industry.
He said that the govenment claim to control black money but have kept real estate and liquor out of it.
The deputyu CM said that the govenment is busy making money but has failed to think how will the common peole survive when even buiscuits are made expensive. Sisodia said that Centers GST would lead to greay market and will encourage Inspector Raj.
The Minister also asked the volunteers to explain GST to people of Delhi and tell them how the govenment is befooling them in the name of GST.
Arvind Kejriwal took on lynching incidents and said that crowd is doing violence in the name of religion. No religion preaches violence but love and brotherhood. It is a sin to murder someone in the name of religion.
"Killing and lynching people in the name of religion is shameful and inhuman act" kejriwal said.
Talking on the current situation in the country Kejriwal said that there is a wave of politics of hate. The politicians abstain from it then only some improvement in the current situation is possible.
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