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Ggn administration announce Rs 1 lakh reward to provide info on female foeticide

To improve the female sex ratio in Gurugram, the district administration is planning to provide a monetary reward of Rs 1 lakh for individuals and citizens bodies that will provide information on the female foeticide.

In the recent raids conducted by the District Health Department, many doctors were held for providing medicines to parents for delivery of a male child. Raids on the illegal maternity clinics operating in the city have also been conducted.

Moreover, there have also been cases in the city where parents have dumped their female child out in the open.

The initiative by the public authorities adds to the measures adopted to prevent female girl child being aborted.

The steps adopted previously included maintenance of the records of pregnant women and subsequently digitising it. A lot of workers from the NGOs and Asha workers have also been roped in to maintain the records of pregnant women.

The move by the district administration comes at a time when the state is showing considerable improvement in the improvement of the female to sex ratio with the figures now having crossed over 940 figure mark in comparison to 1000 males.

While Gurugram has also shown some improvement in crossing over the 900 mark compared to other districts it is still a laggard. Also, most of the parents are frequenting clinics in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and even Delhi for the abortion of the female child.

"We have improved a lot but the challenges remain. The mindset that has been prevailing for a long time cannot be changed instantly. However, with effective carrot stick police we hope to achieve our objective," said a senior public official.

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