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Mystery woman 'Zohra' traced, buried twins were 'declared dead' by hospital

Four days after the bodies of two newborn babies were found in Keshavpuram DDA park, the Delhi Police has finally traced the parents of the babies.

"They are the local residents of the area," said police.

The bodies of the twin girls were found on Friday in a half dug a pit with a hospital tag reading D/O Zohra on their smalls fragile wrists in a park.

The bodies were discovered by few visitors in the park after which the police were informed.

After four days of extensive search, the police were able to identify the parents.

The investigation revealed that the police had sent a per-forma to the local hospitals in the area asking if they have admitted a pregnant woman by the name of Zohra .

Following this, the Ambedkar hospital contacted the police and revealed that they got a 20-year-old woman named Zohra who was admitted on 16 June.

The twins were born on the same day.

However, one of the twin girls was born dead and the sibling survived for just 10 minutes. After which the corpse was handed over to the parents.

"It was then the woman handed over the dead babies to her husband who went to the DDA park, dug a small pit and tried buried the babies.

"However, we are verifying the intentions but the parents admitted that since the babies were dead so they decided to bury them," said a police officer.

Sources said that the babies were underweight and premature.

They weighed just 450 grams.

"The parents are daily wagers. They have joined the investigation and we are probing all angles of the case," said Additional DCP Vijayanta Arya.

The only clue police initially had was the hospital tag reading D/O Zohra on the wrists of the babies that led the police team to the doorsteps of every hospital in the
area eventually tracing the parents.
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