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CBI visits JNU campus in search for clues on missing Najeeb

Days after missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed's mother met officials in the Central Bureau of Investigation, a CBI team on Monday visited the Jawahar Lal University Campus to collect some important information on Najeeb.

After the case was transferred to CBI from the Delhi Police, the former started to probe the disappearance fresh collecting evidence and questioning people relevant in the case.
The team is looking into allegations of a scuffle between Najeeb and ABVP students in JNU's Mahi-Mandvi hostel. They suspect that the circumstances might have led to the Najeeb's disappearance.

Also, the team is taking into account other incidences preceding his disappearance.

The team met people who could throw light on the sequence of events that led to the missing of Najeeb. His mother Fatima Nafees recently met the CBI officers investigating the case.
She gave details of the events before her son went out of sight from his hostel.

With Delhi Police failing to find her son, Fatima Nafees, mother of Najeeb approached the Delhi high court demanding a CBI probe.
Najeeb Ahmed has now been missing for more than eight months.

The case was handed over to CBI on orders from the Delhi high court on May 16, after allegations that the Delhi police was not doing its job.

The court said, that the police had been "beating around the bush and not in the bush", as it has been sending people across the country and setting up special investigating teams, but the nine students suspected to be behind Ahmed's disappearance were neither questioned not taken into custody.

After his disappearance, the students of JNU together with the family members have organised several protest marches in Delhi and outside but still no substantial evidence had been found to give the agencies a definite lead.

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