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Gurugram cops help ease traffic snarls during rains

The pre-monsoon showers on Friday exposed the level of preparedness of the administration in dealing with the monsoon challenges.

Though the commuters faced a harrowing time, the involvement of the Gurugram police personnel trying to manage the traffic saved them from facing worse situations. Most of the Senior Police officials including the Gurugram Police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwar hit the city roads to manage the traffic chaos.

"The Police and the citizens need to get together and keep resolving the challenges as they emerge," said the Gurugram Police Commissioner on the dealing with the challenges during the period of monsoons.

The Gurugram Police Commissioner along with his team was managing the traffic at Rajiv Chowk area that was among the worst affected areas. Most of the cops continued to manage the traffic till late evening.

Besides deputation of a large number of personnel on city roads, the Gurugram Police team was also proactive in its communication and providing timely information on the traffic situation in the city.

Facing flak over law and order issues, the act by Gurugram police was appreciated by the commuters who even thanked the personnel on duty. Last year the District Police was heavily criticised for managing the situation on July 28 where commuters were stranded for more than 18 hours on city roads due to heavy monsoon showers.

The failure of District Police to manage the situation was seen as a major reason for the transfer of Police Commissioner Navdeep Singh Virk. "Normally you criticise the Police for not doing their duty but this is one instance where you could see cops on the ground doing a good job. It will now be important that they sustain this act especially as things are expected to get worse during monsoons," said Chetan Sachdeva, a city resident

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