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Ordeal of kidney recipient yet to end, asked to stay back

There is much more than meets the eye in the kidney racket busted by Delhi Police Crime Branch. One can very well assume that the case is almost solved with the accused behind bars and the doctors under scanner but the ordeal of the potential kidney recipient is far from over.

The 58-year-old man undergoing dialysis who was about to receive the kidney is still in Delhi along with his wife and son trying to help the cops.

They have been asked not to leave the city by the cops.

Earlier the Delhi Police had arrested the accused middlemen minutes before the operation of kidney transplant took place in Batra hospital.

"My father is ill and undergoing dialysis at different hospitals now. It is hard to be in Delhi as it's very costly. We have already paid a hefty sum to the middlemen and are now bearing the brunt," said the kidney recipients' son.

The family who has come all the way from Andhra Pradesh had paid Rs 23 lakhs to the middlemen to arrange for the kidney.

Though the family was a bit reluctant to come to Delhi for the operation the middlemen had convinced.

"We were left with little option but to obey to the middlemen as we had already paid them a huge sum in installments. If we deterred, then all our money would have gone to waste," added the victim's son.

The family is now residing at an undisclosed location in South Delhi.

"We have been asked to stay till all the necessary formalities are completed in the kidney racket case," said the family.

The orgaised racket was busted after a decoy donor from Rajasthan took help of the Delhi Crime Branch to nab the accused in the kidney transplant racket.

The decoy donor was promised Rs 4 lakhs by the middlemen.

"My mother is now ready to give her kidney to my father. If the test does not match, then even I am ready to give my kidney," said the son.

The family is going through a financial crisis and is finding it hard to make ends meet.

The rented accommodation is very expensive for them and they have been paying Rs 1500 per day as the rent, said sources.

"We are at the receiving in the whole episode. We did not get the kidney. But, all our money has been taken by the middlemen and now we have little choice to leave Delhi till the investigation is in progress," cried his son.
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