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'Gurukul-style' teaching to be adopted in Ramjas

In February this year, Ramjas College had turned into a political hotbed, after RSS-affiliated students group Akhil Bhartiya Vidya Parishad (ABVP) and some Left-leaning students groups clashed inside the campus, leaving many students injured.
Now, the college authorities have seemingly started taking precautions to avert such incidents, and have decided to adopt 'Gurukul' style teaching to freshers who will join this year.

Freshers will also be expected to sing the national anthem every morning and attend Yoga classes to keep their mind off "destructive activities".

Assistant Professor for M Com and M Phil courses, Dr Dhani Ram conducted a meeting over the issue with two presidents and a joint president of the Commerce stream.

The objective of the meeting was to strategise on the counseling session for the newly-admitted students.

"We want students who take admission in this college to make most of their time and not get involved in destructive activities. The students usually get addicted to Facebook and also start losing interest in studies. We want to counsel them as to how to interact with their teachers, and we believe that the Gurukul style of teaching students is the best way forward," Dhani Ram told Millennium Post.

College authorities have complained that many students start consuming liquor and lose interest in studies, claiming that they are lured by several "unscrupulous elements" in the college.

To help freshers, the college authorities have planned out sessions wherein students will also be taught about the importance of trees, yoga and will have to sing the national anthem at 8.27 am in front of the Kedarnath statue.

When asked about why the students have to undertake the above listed activities, Dhani Ram said, "We want students to concentrate on studies rather than making relationships with their fellow batch mates. This does not help any students in their career".

However, Dhani Ram was interjected by one of the college presidents, who told the professor that in several colleges in DU other than Ramjas, students end up in relationships. To this, Dhani Ram retorted, "Please look at Kalindi College. The discipline in the college is remarkable. Even girls do not dare to talk to each other".

Apart from the moral code of conduct which the college authorities want their students to adopt, students are also expected to be well aware of their fundamental duties as a citizen.
Moreover, the authorities want the students to not gather in "unlawful assemblies" lest they find themselves in trouble.

"They should concentrate on their attendance rather than get into activism," said a Ramjas College professor privy to the developments.
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