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CBSE toppers' mantra: Regular studies and no social media

With the Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) finally releasing their Class XII board exam results on Sunday, toppers who managed to beat all odds and clinch sky-rocketing marks shared their secret mantra – hardwork, music and vanishing from social media.

The achievers, mainly from Noida and Chandigarh, unanimously said that they never let pressure break their resolve and had studied throughout the year waiting for the result day.

Raksha Gopal, the CBSE topper with 99.66 per cent, from Noida's Amity International School, studied all through the year and credited her success to her parents' support.

An Arts student, Gopal claims she never expected the result in her "wildest dreams". She got 100 marks in three subjects, securing 498 out of 500 in five subjects.

"My parents supported me throughout the year. I studied throughout the year and did not take shortcuts," said Gopal, who says she never took tuitions after school.

Gopal also said that pressure increases if a student does not tackle tough subjects early on in the year. "I never let my work piled up. The whole year I would make sure that I never kept any doubt for the next day."

Students like Gopal had a head start and knew how to approach the exams when they were in Class XI. Other toppers like Bhoomi Sawant De – a Science student from DAV School, Chandigarh – did not have the same clarity as Gopal, and was confused when she had entered Class XI.

"I did not know how to approach the exams and I had a lot of doubts. But I am glad that my teachers helped me out every step of the way. I also used to listen to music to take the pressure off," said Bhoomi, who came second with 99.4 per cent marks.

Bhoomi did take tutions after school, but did not solely rely on them, and would revise her subjects daily and spend in four-five hours a day for studies.

"It does not matter if you study the entire day, what matters is how you utilise your time," Bhoomi told Millennium Post.

Aditya Jain and Mannat Luthra, both from Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh, came joint third with 99.2 per cent marks each.

Luthra said she sacrificed her social circle and went off social networking sites and WhatsApp, months before the exam to keep up with the study pressure. "I was not in touch with my friends, but at least in the end I am happy," she said.
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