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Attacks on govt doctors due to fewer specialists: HC

 Agencies |  2017-05-19 19:18:12.0  |  New Delhi

Attacks on govt doctors due to fewer specialists: HC

The growing attacks on doctors by friends or relatives of patients is due to lack of experts in government hospitals, the Delhi High Court said on Friday while expressing concern over the brain-drain of medical specialists from the country.

"Why are our doctors going outside India and looking for jobs? It means you (government) are not making available more jobs for them, which is sad to know. We have the best doctors and best medical colleges in the world where people from other countries come to study," a Bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Pratibha M Singh said.

The government should work on having more doctors in their hospitals as the rising attacks on government doctors by patients or their relatives was "due to availability of fewer experts in these institutions," the Bench told the central government counsel.

The problem, says the Bench, was that the doctors have more work load which is not tolerated by the patients' relatives. In March, AIIMS resident doctors' association had launched a unique protest to display solidarity with the doctors of Maharashtra.

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