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Mishra warns of 'new drama' by AAP for distraction

On the fourth day of his hunger strike, sacked Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra on Saturday warned that the Aam Aadmi Party will resort to "new drama" to distract attention from the "foreign trips controversy".
"Fourth day of satyagraha - What new drama will be done to distract attention from the question of foreign trips," Mishra asked in a tweet.

He said: "Thief is demanding to hand over all the evidences to him. Then he would prove himself innocent by becoming a judge, a lawyer and a witness."

Mishra also tweeted a photo of Mahabharata for Arvind Kejriwal and said: "For all your tricks and traps of lies, I have only this for you in response."

The scene of Mahabharata shows Lord Krishna rushing towards Bhishma with a chariot wheel (as Arjuna tries to stop him), despite promising that he would not take up arms in the Kurukshetra War.

Bhishma had brought Krishna to this state of rage in keeping with his (Bhishma's) promise that he would kill in numbers so huge and innumerable that Krishna would lose his cool and take up arms.

Krishna's action came as his protégé Arjun did not put up a very active resistance (against the Kauravas) leading to huge casualties.

The suspended AAP leader has been on hunger strike since Wednesday at his official residence, demanding that Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal reveal the source of funding of the foreign trips of five AAP leaders – Sanjay Singh, Ashish Khetan, Satyendar Jain, Raghav Chadha and Durgesh Pathak – in the last two years.

Mishra was removed as a Delhi minister and later suspended from the AAP after he levelled corruption charges against Kejriwal.

On Friday, Mishra's mother Annapoorna Mishra, a former BJP councillor, had written to Kejriwal, accusing him of spreading lies about her son.
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