Defiant guard called up judge after shooting his wife, son

Defiant guard called up judge after shooting his wife, son

Gurugram: Brazenness, anger and defiance: all these emotions were going through 32-year-old Mahipal, who had been serving as a security guard for judge Krishna Kant Sharma for the last year-and-a half.

On Saturday afternoon, he openly fired at Sharma's wife and his 18-year-old son in Gurugram, reportedly to exact revenge upon the family for ill-treating him.

More shocking, however, was what he did during and after the shoot out, as well as his revelations during police interrogation.

After shooting them, Mahipal openly vented his anger at Dhruv and his mother Ritu and cursed them in front of hundreds of shell-shocked bystanders.

Such was the fear among the bystanders that even as Mahipal unsuccessfully tried to drag Dhruv's body into the car, no one tried to stop Mahipal. He eventually fled the spot without any hassle.

His second act of defiance was calling the judge and telling him that he had shot his wife and son.

According to sources, it was this act by the 32-year-old that led police to track his location and quickly arrest him.

Mahipal had even called up his own mother and admitted the entire incident to her.

Even during interrogation, the accused continued to be defiant and aggressive. Sources said that Mahipal's violent outburst was a result of the anger he had against Sharma and his family, who mistreated him.

There is also the suspicion that Mahipal had not planned the entire incident and it happened spontaneously in a fit of rage.

Judge Sharma is yet to give his response on the incident, and law enforcement officials have also been discreet in sharing details.

The incident also rocked the seats of power in Chandigarh, where Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar called the Gurugram {olice Commissioner and directed a speedy trial in the case.

The incident, in a way, also highlighted the public apathy in accident or shooting cases, as hundreds of people witnessed the incident, but no one came forward to help out of fear for their own lives.

After Mahipal fled the spot, most of the people initially waited for the police to arrive, instead of taking the mother-son duo to the hospital. The two were eventually taken to a hospital in an auto, after which they were referred a multi-specialty private hospital.

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