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Declining investment, rising cancer cases, women safety key challenges in Faridabad

Declining investment, rising cancer cases, women safety key challenges in Faridabad

Faridabad: Long before Gurugram and Noida, it was Faridabad that was considered to be an ideal place for investment for people who wanted to think beyond the national capital. In the period of just twenty years, Faridabad has lost on the economic front to both the cities, a fact well conceded by Faridabad's political leadership. What irks the residents of Faridabad even more is that while Gurugram has expanded to Manesar and Bawal and Noida towards Greater Noida, the investors have again given Faridabad a miss.

Founded in the 17th century by Sheik Farid, the treasurer of Mughal ruler Jehangir, Faridabad is a major industrial hub. It is the second most populated city after Gururgam. There is a total of 17 lakh voters. The major segment of voters includes two lakh Gujjars, 2.8 lakh Jats. 1.5 lakh Meos and 4 lakh voters from SC/ST category.

Not only the revival of economic progress and investment but a major concern for residents of Faridabad is the high number of cancer cases that are being reported from the city. The contamination of groundwater is one of the major reasons for the disease. There is a complaint that Agra canal this is the main source of supply of water to Faridabad today is fully toxic with poisonous particulates.

In an official report submitted by the Haryana government in 2017 Faridabad topped in the number of deaths due to cancer at 771. Other major concerns include deteriorating law and order conditions and the safety of women and minors. In a list released by the Harayana government, largest number of sexual crime cases against minors that occurred in the state was in Faridabad followed by Gurugram. A large number of people of Faridabad are going to places to Gurugram and Noida for jobs on d basis, poor connectivity is another concern of the voters.

Just like Gurugram the proximity to Delhi has ensured that the mainstream political parties in Faridabad are given more credence than the regional parties. Congress has won the Faridabad seat maximum number of times by winning it five times which is in the year 1967, 1972, 1982,1991, 1999 and 2004. The BJP also has a better track record in Faridabad that what it has in neighbouring Gurugram. While in Gurugram the BJP has won the seat only two times in Faridabad the BJP has won the seat three times which is in the year 1987, 1996 and 2014.

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