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DDA sets up new framework for auctioning of commercial plots

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) on Friday amended the norms for auctioning of commercial plots meant for development of commercial centres. "The developer/auction purchaser constructs multi storey commercial buildings on such plots and sells shops/units/spaces to different individuals. As per lease conditions of the DDA, the auction purchaser being lessee, further sells such units/shops but does not execute apartment deeds in favour of these buyers, thereby making title of the property defective and non transferable," noted a statement.

It added that Authority has decided that space buyers can approach/apply DDA for execution of Apartment Deed in their favour in case the Developer/Builder does not execute the same with them.

"Further, they can also get their such spaces free hold despite non co-operation from the builder/developer, if they are willing and ready to pay all dues of DDA in respect of the building/plot on pro rata basis. This will give a huge relief to those space buyers who have purchased the space from the Developer but the developer does not cooperate in making Apartment Deeds in their favour for making a property free hold. The above decision has been taken for implementation of the provisions of Delhi Apartment Ownership Ac," noted the statement.

The DDA has also planned draft regulations in Delhi to enhance walkability. "The Draft Regulations for Enhancing Walkability and Green Mobility in Delhi were approved by the DDA and was decided to be sent to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India for notification. The Policy aims to improve pedestrian friendly walkability by creating a quality urban environment that facilitates social interaction on streets where more people are encouraged to walk as the first choice to undertake short journeys" noted the statement.

The DDA has also planned special house allotment scheme for the people from SC/ST community.

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