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Day after: People throng site to catch a glimpse of hotel

Day after: People throng site to catch a glimpse of hotel

New Delhi: A day after 17 persons died in inferno inside the hotel, commuters continued to throng the site to click pictures of it and ending up making assumptions about what sort of horror might have prevailed inside. In addition to this, the fear of losing job also grips Gurudwara Road area of Central Delhi's Karol Bagh.

The gates of Arpit Palace where the incident took place were closed with plywoods and iron chains. While four police personnels were standing to make sure that crowds do not sprout around the nearby area. Meanwhile, many commuters stopped their vehicles only to have a glance at the structure where mass tragedy unfolded. Many people took pictures of the hotel. "This was the hotel from where people jumped," two commuters whispered to describe the Arpit Palace.

A group of students also turned up at the place and one among them asked his friend"How 17 people succumbed in this". When the people tried to get close to the hotel, the policemen politely told them not to ramble about much as it was causing traffic snarls. Close to Arpit Palace, there are more than five hotels. One of the hotel employee (requesting anonymity) stated that many guests who have booked the room in their hotel are calling them through phone and asking about safety and security inside. "It might affect business in the area," added the employee.

Dwarka Paswan who claimed himself an employee with the Crossroad bar situated alongside Arpit Palace was standing near the corner of the street. "On Tuesday around 11 am when I came to the hotel for work, someone broke it to me and I was rattled to know about the tragic incident," said Paswan, a native of Jharkhand's Hazaribagh. He further said that his family who lives in Jharkhand depends on his earning. Senior officers who MCD also visited the site.

Balan Mani, a resident of Karol Bagh area said: "After the mass casualty in the area process of normalisation will take some time." He further stated that many officers were seen inspecting other hotels and clicking pictures on Wednesday.

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