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Daughter-less man kidnaps minor girls to keep them as own child

Daughter-less man kidnaps minor girls to keep them as own child

New Delhi: When 40-year-old Krishan Dutt Tiwari brought an 8-year-old girl to his house, his family was perplexed. Sensing the questions, Tiwari told his wife and mother that one of his friends has moved out of the city for a day and left his daughter with him to take care. His wife and mother had little reason to suspect anything since November last year, he brought another girl citing same reasons. Little did the family know that the real parents of the girl in Kiriti Nagar were running from pillar to post in search of their kidnapped 8-year-old girl.

On January 25, when their minor 8-year-old girl who went out to relieve herself in Jawahar Camp, Kirti Nagar, did not return home, the family suspected something amiss and started looking for their missing daughter in the neighbourhood. When all efforts failed, they reached Kirti Nagar Police station and lodged a kidnapping case. They had no idea that a man unknown to them who resides in Rajouri Garden has kidnapped their daughter by luring her.

Soon, a police team under the supervision of SHO Kirti Nagar Vijay Kumar singh was formed, they collected numerous CCTV camera footage to get to know about the kidnapper. However, even when the efforts were underway, the girl walked back to her home early morning the next day all by herself. Though the parents were surprised, the police kept on the vigil and continued their search. Soon, the team got some clue and around 200 bikes with the registration number seen in the footage were rounded up. This led the cops to Tiwari's house in Rajouri Garden and he was arrested. "Tiwari, who works as a driver confessed to have committed the kidnapping of the girl child. On being confronted, he also confessed to have kidnapped another girl in November last year from Hari Nagar. This girl too returned to her house after three days and four nights," said Monika Bhardwaj, DCP West.

The investigation revealed that Tiwari had two sons but no daughter. He kidnapped the two girls on different occasions to keep them as his daughters for some time. Police said that he dropped the girls near their houses too even Tiwari's family did not know about the kidnapping as he kept giving excuses. However, the family also told police that this behaviour might be the result of a head injury that he sustained some time back.

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