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Criminal cases during 2014 polls sent to PHQ

Criminal cases during 2014 polls sent to PHQ

New Delhi: Since Lok Sabha elections are around the corner and the Delhi Police had started their preparation to conduct the election in a free and fair manner. The city police districts had recently sent a report to Delhi Police headquarters (PHQ) regarding the criminal cases reported during the general elections in the year 2014. Police sources told Millennium Post that the PHQ had earlier written to the districts regarding the cases related to electoral offences and the status of FIRs in January. "The districts sent a report in this regard to the headquarters," sources further added.

According to the sources, PHQ had also asked the districts to submit the report of cases in Delhi Legislative Assembly 2015.

Sources added that as per Law & Order dairy reported May 2014 as many as 681 cases reported in the election and 536 reported during Delhi Legislative election 2015. From three districts (separately) more than 100 cases reported during Lok Sabha elections and from two districts each reported 90 cases during Delhi Assembly election. Sources further claimed that the PHQ might analyse the pattern of cases in different districts and make sure they conduct the election in a fair manner.

Sources further claimed that the in a letter PHQ had told districts that the reports received from the districts and units regarding General Election to Lok Sabha- 2014 and Delhi Legislative Assembly have been compiled with the data furnished in the last day of Law and Order diary for these elections. "The PHQ found that there were variations in the data that was compiled by them and districts. Headquarters asked the districts to explain the reasons for differences," sources claimed. Recently, the Delhi Police headquarters (PHQ) had asked all the districts to conduct proper checking in booths in their area where the previous election was held and submit the report to them.

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