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'Crime in schools has shaken faith of students, parents'

NEW DELHI: School are places for inspiration which inspire hopes and dreams.
However, a string of crimes committed in some educational institutions across India have shaken the faith of both students and parents have in them, observed a panel of experts here on Friday.
During a panel discussion involving educationists, lawyers and media
practitioners, experts noted that talking about such issues openly can help remedy the situation.
Incidence of crimes inside school premises – such as the high-profile murder of a seven-year-old boy Ryan International School in Gurugram – have made parents anxious and a resultant increase in surveillance in schools has left students feeling suffocated.
"As a society, we need to move beyond the Ryan International School incident and work on how we can create a balanced environment of safety and freedom for our children," said Shefali Varma, chairperson of The Ardee Schools, at the panel discussion.
The panel of experts – which included Amita Mishra, principal, DPS International – observed that there is an urgent need to build and retain trust between parents, children and schools, in order to solve the pressing issue of fear that is plaguing the primary and senior education system in the country.
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