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Crawling out of mangled car, seven-yr-old called for help

Crawling out of mangled car, seven-yr-old called for help
Seven-year-old Lamha Zaidi adjusts the dressing on her head, while playing with friends near her residence in Meerut.
With injuries on her head and a cut near her eye, the pain stops her from playing for a while.
Lamha is yet to come to terms with the grave tragedy that left her two cousins and uncle and aunt dead in a fatal accident in Delhi on NH24 on Wednesday, when a dumper rammed into their car.
As the dumper collided with their Innova, the car front portion was completely mangled. Lamha was seated in the rear seat with her two cousins.
Recalling the incident, Lamha says that after the car turned turtle, she somehow managed to crawl out of the car through the shattered back window.
Drenched in blood, the little girl started looking for help as everyone else was unconscious.
Trembling with fear and barely able to stand, Lamha called out to some passersby for help.
"Uncle, help! Uncle, help!" she shouted out to strangers for a while, with the blood soaked car behind her.
Many of them, however, simply glance at the accident scene and continued on their way. Eventually, a man on a motorcycle stopped to help her.
"I tried to stop the uncle on the bike for help, but some others passed without stopping. I was calling for help continuously. I asked him to call my mother in Meerut and gave him her mobile number," recounts Lamha.
Even in her traumatic state, she managed to recall her mother's mobile number.
"We panicked when we heard Lamha's voice from an unknown number. She told us that they met with an accident. It was then that the man took the phone from her and told us about the tragedy." says Lamha's father, Syed Abbas Zaidi.
By that time, Lamha's injured cousin, who had returned from Iran, also crawled out of the car. Lamha's family told their relatives in Delhi about the accident, who then rushed to the site for help.
"Lamha also told us that several motorists passed by without offering any help. Some just gave a glance but sped away seeing the state of the accident" Syed Abbas says.
His brother Qamar Abbas, sister-in-law Anjum, and their two children were among the victims of the fatal accident that took place in NH24 at Kalyanpuri.


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