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Crackdown on pollution: Delhi sees demand for 'green crackers'

Crackdown on pollution: Delhi sees demand for green crackers

New Delhi: With stringent actions taken to ban firecrackers this Diwali in the national Capital, only green crackers are being sold to curb air pollution. Although, some reports suggest that green crackers are not being sold in the market, Millennium Post witnessed a desperate crowd trying to grab firecrackers before the festival.

However, in Sadar Bazaar, among the congested roads and traffic, one shop is opened with half shutters selling green crackers. This comes after numerous shops in the area, were refused to sell firecrackers by the Delhi Police. The only shop that was open saw hoards of crowd trying to buy crackers, while busy helpers were trying to reason with people to make them understand that they only sell "green crackers".

The small shop had a board that said "we only sell green crackers". On asking what is the sale of the crackers, the busy helper said, "We have sold a lot of them." Ironically, no shop in Sadar Bazaar has been given permission to sell crackers. But on asking a policeman standing nearby, he concurred, "This is the only shop that has license." The shop opens early morning, especially with Diwali season so nearby and is open till evening.

However, the Millennium Post saw the shopkeepers being asked to close the shop as soon as possible. "We are asking him to shut the shop now," said the policeman standing among the desperate crowd. According to an order last year, a firecracker shop should be located on 100-foot-wide motorable roads, which is not possible in the congested streets of Sadar Bazaar. The market area was as it is crowded with police trying to calm down the traffic situation.

However, in an area behind Jama Masjid, rows of firecrackers shops are open, each one full of crowd trying to buy the crackers. "What is this green cracker?" asked a customer. The shopkeeper replied this is what they are selling now. On asking whether Chinese crackers can be arranged somehow, a shop keeper at Jama Masjid smiled and said, "I don't think it's possible now."

All the shops have boards saying, "Don't ask us for banned crackers, we don't sell them here." A shopkeeper, who didn't want to be named said, "These green firecrackers, apparently, give out less pollution." However, they had no idea what they were made of. Showing the correspondent the signed packet he said, every green cracker has been approved by the authorities and only then will it be sold in the market.

Notwithstanding, none of them had any idea whether the market players creating the firecrackers were private or not. Different brands of firecrackers were being sold in the market. "Everything is banned now, so we have limited things to sell," said another shopkeeper. Last year, just before Diwali, the Supreme Court banned the seasonal firecrackers due to the adverse pressure on pollution and ruled that only green crackers would be allowed.

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