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COVID children showing signs of multisystem inflammatory syndrome, say medical experts

New Delhi: Medical experts in Delhi are now saying that children with COVID-19 are displaying symptoms of multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS), which could have long-term repercussions and while more data is needed to make conclusions about the effect of Coronavirus on children, the severity of the disease and an increased viral load in them may make them carriers or transmitters.

Dr Anil Sachdev, Director of Pediatrics at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said that they have as of now not observed long term repercussions among children. "There are also very less active COVID cases among children in Delhi," he added.

However, he said that they are indeed witnessing inflammatory diseases among children, "where we are seeing heart and kidneys getting involved. In one particular case, the pancreas was involved, however, it is still early to say anything," he added.

Speaking to Millennium Post, Dr Neeta Kejriwal, consultant Pediatrics at Manipal Hospital said that children here have less movement but still can become carriers. "There are different reports where some say that children have higher viral load and they are shedding it over time and they

might be the carrier. However, we need more evidence-based studies to show the exact result," she said.

The doctor said that most of the cases among children are mild, with cough, cold and fever, or are even asymptomatic. However, there are a few cases that are witnessing serious issues. "Major and common symptoms among children that we have noticed is that of the abdomen, which is very common. This includes issues like loose motion, pain in the abdomen and skin rashes," Dr Kejriwal added. Dr Sachdev agreed that children could become major carriers of the virus. "Kids can become the main carrier, especially if they go to school, they might bring the virus to the elders," he added.

In the second serological survey, which was conducted in Delhi this month, it has been found that those between the age of 5 and 17 were the most exposed to the novel coronavirus in the national Capital. The survey results showed a prevalence rate of 34.7 per cent among the participants of the above-mentioned age group.

To this, Dr Kejriwal said that the major reason why this could happen is it is difficult for children to follow social distancing norms. She further said that as schools are shut, children are not stepping out but they still go out to play. "Children, I feel, don't know how to wear a mask, also there are no masks made for kids. It is difficult for children to maintain all the precautions, which could expose them to the virus," she said, adding that it is appropriate for children to get properly sized masks.

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