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Court says no bail for juvenile as his life may be in danger

Court says no bail for juvenile as his life may be in danger
A juvenile accused of murder has been denied bail by a Delhi court which has said his life was in danger outside the observation home and there were possibilities that he could further commit crime.
The court, which upheld the order of a juvenile justice board (JJB) dismissing his earlier bail plea, said if he was granted the relief, he could tamper with evidence.
The boy, who was just over 15-year-old at the time of the offence on March 24, was accused in a case of murder of one Vishal Suri. The dispute was between rival groups and there were other co-accused who were absconding.
Additional Sessions Judge Ashwani Kumar Sarpal dismissed the plea observing that though the JJ Act makes it mandatory to grant bail to a juvenile, it can be denied if there were reasons to believe that he can come in contact with any known criminal.
"The bail can be refused only if there appear reasonable grounds for believing that the release is likely to bring that person into association with any known criminal and to expose to moral, physical or psychological danger or his release would defeat the ends of justice," the court said.
Regarding the claim of the juvenile's father that he would send his son to a boarding school, the court said he was a tempo driver earning Rs 15,000 per month, not explaining how would he afford to do that.


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