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Counsellors help allay fears of traumatised Chhawla women

Counsellors help allay fears of traumatised Chhawla women
Counsellors examining the victims of braid chopping in Chhawla area have hinted that the victims are high on anxiety level, police said on Wednesday. However, the concellors refrained from further elaborating over the state of minds of the victims saying they would provide a detailed account in court.
The mystery of chopping of braids compelled cops to rope in counsellors from Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IBHAS) to provide counselling to the victioms who have faced chopping of hair in the recent past. The group of counsellors were called in south west district to interact with the victims where two of the victims turned up on Wednesday.
"The victims are anxiety prone, the councellors have said, however, the real cause of the braid chopping is still unclear. The councellors have talked to them at length but they would be giving an elaborated report in the court," said a senior police officer.
It's still not clear who was behind the mysterious act but investigators maintain that they are probing the inidents in the best possible 'scientific' way.
"We want to probe the allegations in the best possible way so we roped in counsellors. We hope something substantial would come out of it," said a senior officer.
However, hair chopping reports from Palam and now Ranhola have added to the cases apart from Kanganhedi viillage in Chhawla in south west Delhi have further aggravated the matter. Though its still not clear why all these incidents are reported from outer villages in Delhi which are low on literacy level and no woman from educated background from posh areas in Delhi has reported such a case.
The woman maintained that they have seen nobody while their hair being chopped off and maintained it to be a mystery they are scared of. Meanwhile, the men from the villages from where these incidents have been reported to be on a constant vigil.
Though several teams have been formed by cops but they are still to make any headway in the case.
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