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Cops turn to sports to help youngsters kick drug habit

New Delhi: Sports and dance, are now been a tool of south east Delhi police to empower girls and also to fight against the drug menace in the districts.
Police said that they have organised several matches between the youths so that they get engaged in the sports and distance themselves from criminal activities.
According to police, youths between the age group of 14-20 years came from clusters in the district.
At first, families of girls due to social stigma were unable to send their girls in sports but after the efforts of the police personnel, more than 300 to 400 girls are now been trained by Delhi Police.
"We engaged them in Netball we have formed many teams and as a result girls are giving their best in the sport and also we provide self-defense training so there is no fear among them," said a police official.
With the time through sports, police were able to bridge the communication gap between them and the residents of slum clusters.
After seeing the change in their girls, families were also happy and now they want their children to make their career in sports.
One of the Head Constables from Badarpur police station Satish Kumar talks to the family members and also encourage girls to pursue their dreams. For the activities, police also engaged NGOs with them.
Moving on to boys, Delhi Police found that most of the youths coming from the slum clusters are addicted to drugs which lead to crime.
Seeing the situation, they started identifying such youths and started engaging them in football.
Sixteen-year-old Ajay (name changed)stated that his early life was very worse.
He was under the influence of drug when the cops approached them.
"Through football I can see a change I love playing the game which gives me confidence," said Ajay.
According to police from the areas like Gautampuri, Jaitpur, Madanpur Khadar, they have connected youths to sports.
Not only sports but acting and dance have also came as a boon for the youngsters who were earlier addicted to drugs and now they are changing their life.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (South East) Romil Baaniya told Millennium Post that they have observed that many youngsters indulged in crime due to unavoidable social circumstances.
''We identify the youngsters then we bridge the gap between them and police through involving them in such activities like sports," said the DCP.
Under the 'YUVA' initiative, city police aims to connect with youth by upgrading their skill as per their competencies.
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