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Cops to take selfie near girl's schools to curb eve-teasing

New Delhi: Manveer Singh, a constable in Delhi Police Jamia Nagar gets ready as soon as the clock strikes 6 am. By 6:30, Singh in his unifom could be seen guarding the girls Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya in Noor Nagar. His job is to keep the eve- teasers at bay and give a sense of security to the girls studying in the school.
"When we are present in uniform at the girls school, the mischief mongers don't dare to loiter around. The presence of police itself is sufficient to keep the atmosphere near the school safe and secure for the girls," said Manveer Singh.
The senior police officers have made it mandatory for the constables and Head Constables to take a selfie with the girls schools. The move is initiated to instill confidence amongst the residents of the area and provide a secure environment for girl students.
The constables and the Head constables are connected with the SHO on WhatsApp and they send the selfies with the school to let the seniors know they have visited the school.
"The closing timing of the girls school is more crucial, since it coincides with the evening classes of the boys so we have to be more alert," said constable Yudhishter Saini who visits Joga Bai girls school in Jamia Nagar.
"Yes, its always a great sight to see the cops at the school gate. At least we have someone to complain instantly if anyone dares to misbehave with us. We feel safer with this initiative," said Aliya, a student.

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