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Cops to assist MCG workers in catching stray canines

Cops to assist MCG workers in catching stray canines
The District police will now assist the officials from Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) in catching hold of the stray animals in the city.
Earlier in July, five civic workers who were tasked of catching the stray animals like bovines, dogs and pigs were thrashed brutally by a mob of 12 people at Nathupur village near DLF Phase-3.
Even though there were certain people who were booked for the act, the incident drew angry reaction from the MCG Commissioner V Umashankar who stated that such acts of violence will not be tolerated in the future.
Most of the villagers leave their stock non milching cattle in open. These cattles then meander along the major city roads and prove to be a major risk for commuters.
"Actions must be initiated on the stray cattles that prove to be a major menace. Not only are they a risk to commuters, they can also cause grievous injuries to individual with their horns as they move in a group. Lack of food in the urban localities makes these species quite aggressive and they can be seen fighting with each other on the main roads," said Rohit Thakur, a resident of DLF Phase-3.
Similar complaints have also come from the rising number of stray dogs in various parts of the city and lack of action taken by the MCG in curbing their population.
According to data, at least 15 cases of dog bites are reported in the hospitals each day.
Moreover, dog lovers of the city in the past have criticised the move by MCG in handling the challenges of rising stray dogs and have stated that a more benevolent approach should be adopted to curb the situation.
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