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Cops tell toll operators to regularly move collections

NEW DELHI: Robbery bids at toll plazas have endangered, sometimes even taken, the lives of many innocent people.
In most of these incidents, thieves often attack toll booth attendants with guns or beat by them.
Observing such cases, Delhi Police have found that one of the main reasons
for the ambush on toll plazas is the high amount cash they contain.
Sources told Millennium Post that senior police officials of Southern Range held a meeting with toll operators, wherein the latter were told to take preventive steps to curb crime in toll booths.
Sources further said that during the meeting, toll operators were told that movement of cash from the toll should be regular.
Operators should not store large amounts deposited at the toll for a long time, as robbers often get reports about abundance of cash at toll booths.
Keeping in mind the security concerns, police also suggested to have regular movement of cash from the toll booths to the destination where all the money collected from tolls is kept.
Toll operators were also told to ensure adequate lighting in toll plazas, as often times robbers take advantage of bad lighting and flee the spot without being identified in CCTV footage.
They have also been told to provide proper uniforms to toll staffs, which should be different from that of drivers.
"Sometimes, it is tough to check whether a person standing in the toll is a staff or a driver, as sometimes dresses are same. So we have told them to make sure about their dresses," said a senior police official.
Toll operators were also told to hire properly trained armed security guards, so that they can rescue toll staff during emergencies.
DCP (South) Ishwar Singh said that officials of his district have met toll operators and briefed them about safety and security measures.

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