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Cops' special team keeps a vigil at trade fair

NEW DELHI: A special team named as "Roko Toko" has been formed for the India International Trade Fair (IITF) in order to check the body language of the suspected person. The police officer in the trade fair has been told to not use the phone during their deployment in the fair.
According to police, the team which has more than 20 police personnel has been divided into several groups which include two persons. The main motive is to check the body languages of the people coming to the fair. "When the police team found some suspicious activity on the body language of some person they stopped and asked different questions and sometimes they found several phones in their pockets and if they are unable to give the proper reason behind the presence of so many phones preventive action would be taken," said a police official.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (IITF), Kumar Gyanesh stated that they deployed police personnel at several static points which have helped us in curbing crime in the fair. "We have continued doing our patrolling with the help of dog squads and also our team has been monitoring the situation in Fair through CCTV," said the DCP.
The DCP had also made sure that the police personnel had unique identity cards having different numbers with them every time. Police sources claimed that for maintaining proper discipline, police official deployed in duty will not be talking on their phones and also should be properly dressed.
"If any police personnel is seen talking on their phones, the personnel will be questioned by the senior police official as they have been clearly told that they should not be using the phone and concentrate on duties," said the police source.
The police officers have also identified few stalls with large gathering where they have deployed several police personnel. The move has proved to be vital as several persons were arrested for their involvement in the crime. Police sources claimed that they have made proper security arrangement to thwart any attack.

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