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Cops refuse to share call details in Najeeb's case

 Team MP |  2017-04-20 18:48:11.0  |  New Delhi

Cops refuse to share call details in   Najeebs case

In a hearing of the Habeas Corpus Petition filed by Fatima Nafees, mother of JNU student Najeeb Ahmed, the Delhi Police submitted the call records of the nine students accused of assaulting Najeeb, prior to his disappearance, in sealed envelopes to the Delhi High court.

Meanwhile, the students' union of JNU alleged that the police refused to share the call record details with Najeeb's mother and the Standing Counsel of the State.

Pallavi Sharma, appearing on behalf of Fatima Nafees said, "The Delhi Police has clearly mentioned in the status report that they have not found anything suspicious from the call records that have been examined. When the police have taken such a stand in the status report, then what stopped them from sharing the details of call records? Are they trying to protect the nine students who have been accused of assaulting Najeeb?" Mohit Pandey, President Students' union said, the Court had already lambasted the Delhi police for delaying the investigation. "And now they are showing their complicity in protecting the accused ABVP students by not sharing their call records," said Pandey.

"It has been more than six months now and we are still where we stood on the first day, that is, without a single trace of our colleague, Najeeb," he added. Earlier, when the hearing began, Rahul Mehra, appearing on behalf of the police pleaded to rescue himself from the case as questions were raised about his integrity. The DCP argued that they need some more details from the Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Hyderabad to reach any conclusion.

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