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Cops ignored molested woman's cries for help

Gurugram: Women insecurity in the city was once again highlighted after a 21-year-old alleged that she was stalked and later abused and manhandled by a person after she questioned him about his act.
What proved to be even more appalling was that the victim claimed that the police did not help her and pestered her of not filing the complaint and settle the matter without the involvement of the police.
Moreover, the woman also asserted that the cops who had come to resolve the matter were drunk on duty.
The incident occurred on Friday night when the woman was coming towards Ram Nagar area to visit a temple.
During the course of her journey, she was being followed.
Upon reaching the destination, she made her displeasure felt to the person who then abused and roughed up.
Seeing the matter escalate, the people from the locality called the police. Yet, the male accused was able to get away as the cops after discussion with the girl made her sign the settlement letter.
Not happy about the situation, she then approached the local media and highlighted about the police apathy which later resulted in her tormentor being arrested and the law enforcers initiating the investigation into the case.
According to the police, official molestation of women comes second in list of crimes against women in the district after domestic violence.
In 2014 and 2015, there were 124 and 178 cases of molestation but in 2016, there was a whopping increase with over 320 cases of molestation registered.
There have been already more than 200 cases of molestation that have been registered in 2017.
Even though it is a major law and order challenge, most of the women who are victims of this form of crime feel hesitant and apprehensive in filing their complaints.
Senior police officials highlight that lack of proper evidences, fear of a long legal process and family honour are some of the key issues that prevent such cases to have its logical end.
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