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Construction picks up as overloaded trucks populate Ggm roads, making them more prone to freak mishaps

Construction picks up as overloaded trucks populate  Ggm roads, making them more prone to freak mishaps

gurugram: As Gurugram continues to witness an increase in small and big construction activities, there is also a massive rise in the number of road accidents due to overloading these trucks with construction materials. According to the Gurugram Police, only this year there have been 30 accidents due to overloading, which resulted in loss of six lives.

In order to transport maximum amount of construction materials in a shorter span and at a lesser cost, most contractors and builders overload the trucks with construction materials like sand, cement and stones. Unable to bear excessive load, most of these trucks overturn leading to accidents.

As illegal mining continues to be rampant in Gurugram, many trucks are also used to carry out such activities. A special team was appointed to check and prevent illegal mining activities in the Aravallis. Most truck owners in order to avoid getting caught, ply with no number plates or fake number plates.

Most of these trucks are also over 10 years old which further puts the commuters at risk and also spoils the environment by adding to the pollution levels.

Apart from that, even the officials from the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) had highlighted how movement of overloaded vehicles has caused damage and cracks on newly built roads and highways in the city.

The Gurugram Police and regional transport authority have already fined 1,512 vehicles from November last to February.

Overloaded trucks can mostly be seen at Gurugram-Faridabad Road, Sohna Road, Delhi-Gurugram Expressway, Sector roads close to Golf Course Road.

"We understand the dangers posed due to overloading and we are taking steps to penalise owners of these trucks. In addition to stationing our personnel on ground, we are also using technologies like installing CCTV cameras and speed detection cameras to get hold of these trucks," said a senior official from Gurugram Police.

Taking cognisance of the rising number of road accidents, the Gurugram Police in coordination with prominent civil society groups and multinationals have now begun to channelise substantial number of their man power towards making the roads safe for commuters.

Gurugram traffic police and administration have planned a series of activities to engage the residents of Gurugram in awareness of traffic rules and general road safety through activities like zero-tolerance drivesa and digital


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