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Confident that people will support me again: Mahabal Mishra

People have realised that BJP's promises were false, Congress candidate from West Delhi, Mahabal Mishra, said. Mishra, a former MP from the constituency, has promised people a 'West Campus' on the lines of Delhi University's North and South campuses to improve education infrastructure in the area. Moreover, he is hopeful to stop the sealing drive in Delhi. Mishra spoke to Yogesh Kant of Millennium Post to share his development plans for West Delhi, his campaign strategy and the play of caste politics in the constituency.

Do you think Purvanchali background will help graner votes in this election?

West Delhi constituency has around eight lakhs Poorvanchali voters and yes, they do are sympathetically connected to me. But, Mahabal Mishra stands with a neurtal images, moreover, people here feel they have been cheated. People had high hopes from the newly elected party in 2014. But change only happened on paper and not on the ground. There has been no 'development' in any part of the country and people from all economic backgrounds have faced problems, be it due to sealing, GST or demonetisation. Congress wants to change that and address these areas.

What are your poll promises for the people of West Delhi?

Delhi has North campus, South Campus, why not West campus of Delhi. My priority after wining the election, will make sure there is a West campus too. The socio-culture of West Delhi is considered backward and poor and I wish to develop that through education. During my tenure in 2009 and 2014, I got NIFT college project in Najafgarh approved. But, it was later not pursued when BJP came to power and and college project was postponed. This project will be my main focus this time. Secondly, I will improve the transport connectivity to West Delhi. We had initiated the project Magenta line of Delhi Metro to West Delhi and again, will pursue to connect the remaining area with Metro line. In 2014, we proposed to established a superspecialty hospital with medical college in West delhi and sanctioned around Rs 86 crores for the project. However, somehow, acting government started the hospital but relinquished the project to initiate Medical College.

Sealing has been a major issue for traders in Delhi, What's your take over this issue?

Sealing has been another troubling issue for trades in Delhi. Many traders in Tilak Nagar and Mayapuri have suffered due to sealing. Like BJP, I will not hamper the livelihood of small traders. Sealing a shop will push a family into debt. I will unseal all the shops and help small traders revive their trade and businesses.

Your name was announced late. Did this affect your campaing?

Not at all. I live in the West Delhi constituency, while candidates of other parties are outsiders. They first need to introduce themselves to voters while I have spent all these years among them. They recognise the work that I have done in my constituency. I am confident that the people of West Delhi will support me again.

AAP and BJP have fielded Jat faces. How do you see this poll contest?

I am a secular human and I don't support regionalism or caste moreover, it's against my party's policy to favour a particular clan, regligion or community. I haver a cordial relation with each and every section of society, which has helped me in winning four elections from West delhi. M seat has a lot of Purvanchali voters and they are very much connected to me.

AAP is promising statehood for Delhi. What do you say about this promise?

It is a dream and a void promise which is quite impossible to fullfill. To fulfill statehood promises, the prominising party needs to do amendment in Act and for that they need two third majority in parliament. From where they will get such majority in parliament? AAP should focus more on local issues of the people, statehood will not graner votes for them.

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