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Commuters hassled as train services hit on yellow line

New Delhi: Delhi Metro commuters had a tough time on Tuesday as train movement on the Yellow Line slowed down during peak rush hour due to a technical glitch. The busy line connects Vishwavidyalaya to Samaypur Badli.
Commuters who were traveling between 7 pm and 9 pm complained that the trains, which take two minutes to go from one station to another, took up to 20 minutes on Tuesday. The problem occurred in Yellow Line ( Line 2) near Jahangirpuri, due to which train services on the entire corridor were affected for more than an hour during peak rush hour in the evening.
According to a Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) spokesperson, "Train services on Line-2 were briefly affected from 7.30 pm to 8.37 pm between Vishwavidyalaya to Samaypur Badli of Line-2 due to some technical default at the OHE wire.
He also added that service from Vishwavidyalaya to HUDA City Centre was normal on both lines during this period. Thus, immediate restoration work was undertaken by OHE team on this section whereas, single line services were continued through down line to work as shuttle service, to keep the entire line running and prevent impact on rest of the line.
"The coaches were completely packed with passengers and the trains were moving at a snail's pace. Meanwhile, announcement were there that the services would be hampered but there was no information about what had occurred and how long this situation will prevail and when it is going to be restored," said Rahul Puri, a computer.
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