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Commuters face traffic snarl in Gurugram

Commuters face traffic snarl in Gurugram

Gurugram: It was a torrid time for thousands of commuters passing through Sirhaul toll on NH-8 on Tuesday morning due to a massive jam on the busy route. The huge blockade was caused as a group of cab drivers jammed the roads.

The drivers were protesting as one of their colleagues was beaten by the toll workers due to the differences in the payment of the toll. Immediately after the incident, the Gurugram traffic police got into action. The officials first used the medium of social media to appraise the commuters of the situation. In the process, the officials on the ground cleared the situation and ensured the smooth flow an hour later.

"Traffic congestion on NH-8 on Sirhaul Toll towards Delhi due to the strike of taxi drivers. Gurugram traffic police officials are on the spot to facilitate traffic. Inconvenience caused is highly regretted," said Himanshu Garg DCP (traffic).

It is important to note that this is not for the first time when the massive jam was caused due to the blockade by the drivers who have often vented their anger by blocking the roads.

The situation on Tuesday was more difficult than normal days for the commuters of NH-8 owing to large movement of vehicles and the construction underpasses often experiences heavy traffic jams. "It is definitely not a pleasant experience while driving in Gurugram today. The two most prominent routes in the city that is the NH-8 and MG road continue to be a nightmare for commuters. While construction activities on NH-8 continue to be a major reason for the slow traffic, situation is worse on MG road with no control over ever-rising vehicular traffic on the road," said Amitabh Rai, a sales professional in the city.

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